Are you pulsing yet?

Over 2017 it has been a real privilege to be part of helping to establish employee pulse surveys as a key element of a company’s approach to listening to their employees and gathering opinions. The topics can range from a company’s culture to the company’s results.   Simplicity is key! That’s why I get a... Continue Reading →

Leadership lessons from the President

‘So, what advice would you give Donald Trump, then?’ a client recently asked in a leadership workshop. We’d been talking about what we can learn from world leaders past and present.  The news that week was that the President’s approval rating had reached its lowest ever level at 35%, so it was a topical question,... Continue Reading →

The placebo effect of leadership communication

Talking recently with a group of communicators from the pharmaceutical sector, the conversation turned to the placebo effect – where medicines which have no active ingredient are given to patients for psychological rather than physiological reasons. In other words, the drugs themselves will have no chemical impact, but often the belief that they are doing... Continue Reading →

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